Oh, sweet choices


I’m writing this as I sip a Piña Colada and listen to Bossa Nova.  Ha! JK! I’m watching Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion, because 1) nothing puts me in a better mood that someone else’s personal drama 2) Stassi Schroeder is the most entertaining person in the world and I just want her to be my friend.

All joking aside, I just spent the whole day doing a bunch whole of nothing and recovering from a very hectic week.

And the thing is, today I was talking to a friend about choices (life choices, apartment choices, partner choices… the list goes on and on). And I started thinking: should we follow our hearts and intuition when making decisions?

She said that she’s noticed that I’ve always known what I like when I see it. For example, I wanted to move to the US since the first time I visited and understood the culture. Even though I toyed with other options, at the end I, and everyone around me, knew that I would end up here, at least for a while.

Then, when talking about apartment hunting, and how daunting it is, she recommended me to keep looking, that I’d knew which one was the right fit when I saw it.

And usually I’m like that: I pay attention to vibes, and if I don’t like something, it’s veeery difficult that I like it in the future. I have been that way my whole life: with friends, boyfriends, jobs, everything.

I have even given people the chance to get to know them better, but if I get too close with someone whose vibes were a little bit off the first five minutes of knowing them, 99% of chances are that they will end up doing something nasty that proves that my initial instincts were right.

I think it’s called being in sync with your intuition. Learning to listen to it, to pay close attention to what your gut feeling is saying.

I read somewhere that people’s emotional and “animal” response can happen in two places: either their hearts or their stomachs. The best way of finding it is paying attention to your physical response when you’re doing something that you really enjoy and that you feel is right.

According to that author, once you identify that feeling, you should try to see if it repeats in other similar situations, and then simply be on the lookout for that sign that shows you when things are resonating with you.

For me, it’s 100% my heart. Like it kind of slows down and I get really excited and start talking really fast. So I know that when something doesn’t cause that effect on me, it’s because it’s not the right fit.

This may sound too hippie dippy to you, but 90% of my top life experiences and choices have happened because of this.

And hey, I’m an extremely cautious person. Did you watch Inside Out? Well, I’m EXACTLY like the purple guy who’s always worrying about every little thing that could go wrong. And even though I look at things from every angle, deep down I already know if it’s going to be a GO.

So moral of the story? Listen to your gut or your heart. Self-awareness is extremely important, and getting to know your body’s physical response to things, may help you more than you think when you have to make a tough choice.