Weekly recap: My end-of-spring cleaning


So last Sunday I said I was going to make some middle-of-the-not-so-new year resolutions.

First, I started going through my closet and doing some late spring cleaning. I reviewed a gazillion tutorials on how to spring clean your space, but everything was SO complicated, and I needed simple, easy steps to follow.

So I asked for a male friend’s advice (I feel like guys’ simplicity is just what I need when I start getting too complicated) and he told me: just divide your room into sections and each day take one section out and decide what goes and what stays.

Thankfully, I’m not too attached to material things (like I don’t own my first love’s sweater to smell it every night and remember the good times), so it was easy for me to just look at things and decide (Marie Kondo-style) which things I truly liked and brought me joy.

I want to finish this late spring cleaning this week, a lot of changes are coming and I want to have sort of like a clean canvas before my next wave of freak outs kicks in.

Also, today I registered for my next semester at the University, which gives me this urge to REALLY enjoy my last pieces of summer, before mid-August arrives with the neeext wave of freak outs.

So basically I’m enjoying planning these quiet times when I know things are going to be a bit more manageable. I’m internally an 82-year old lady and can’t wait to curl up with a cup of coffee and my new book The Power of Habit to keep this organizational theme going.