Life is like a box of chocolates…


As you may know by now, I love TV and movie quotes. I feel like sometimes watching a good movie is better than going to the shrink. At the end of the day, you’re going to learn something from the movie because there’s going to be a quote or a situation that’s going to make things clear for you.

That’s why one of my biggest #ShameOnMe moments was the fact that I had never seen Forrest Gump. I mean, I know all the famous quotes and moments like “Run, Forrest, Run!”, the “Life is like a box of chocolates” thing, and the Bubba Gump craze. But I had never actually watched the movie.

After being bullied for a looong time, I decided to watch Forrest Gump yesterday, and OMG that movie is an emotional ride. If you live under a rock and haven’t watched it yet (Hello neighbor), it’s a movie about a guy (Forrest) that because of - or thanks to - not being as intelligent as his peers, lives a life oblivious of barriers, and gets to witness big historic moments and accomplish many amazing and almost unbelievable things.

There are many takeaways from this movie, and something that really resonates with Living Grit is the way that Forrest always did everything with such passion and determination, that not only did he achieved everything he ever wanted, but he excelled at those things.

From the way he ran and just kept running because he knew that’s what he had to do to be safe, to when he went and ran for years after the whole Jenny debacle just because he felt like it; it didn’t matter if the rest of the world thought he was crazy at first.

He was a great example of perseverance and giving one’s 100% to anything you set your mind to.  It’s like what I said about the horses’ blinders; when you decide to do something and focus and really commit to it, the results are going to be beyond incredible.

A friend sent me a video related to the topic of priorities (maybe I’ll share it on next Friday’s post), but it basically highlights the importance of having your priorities clear and going all in for them. No distractions or comments allowed. Of course, the topic of choosing priorities is another different post, but the end message is the same.

With that, I’m off to writing my weekly priorities. I feel like starting kind of a middle of the year resolutions on June, so I want to take this week to get super organized and really identify something specific that I want to achieve during what’s left of the year.

Please let me know of your experience with this or any other lesson that this movie taught you. I feel like I have to watch it at least three more times to fully see all the little-hidden messages in it!

Talk to you on Tuesday.