Weekly recap: Public transportation going strong


This week was PACKED with some things that I can't talk about here -YET- and others that are too lengthy.

First, a little update on my public transportation situation. I'm getting a looot better. It only took me EIGHT hours to go from my house to my school to sign some papers and then go back (insert passive aggressive smile here). 

 I could tell you all sort of crazy stories about those 8 hours, but I don't want to turn this into "Living Grit, the journey of a professional complainer".

Who am I kidding? Just one little anecdote.

When I was near hour 6 of my journey, I was supposed to take this bus, then get off and take this other bus departing 5 minutes after the first one arrived.

Surprise, surprise. The first bus was late, so when I got to the transfer station, the other one was already arriving. I started running faster than one of the kids from Slumdog Millionaire, waved at the driver (who according to witnesses clearly saw me), but still ended up missing it.

At that moment I lost it (à la Hitler on the movie Downfall). I must have looked crazy because a group of people carefully approached me and suggested that I crossed the street so I could catch the bus on its way back. Realizing how crazy I must have looked, I quietly went to that other stop, and patiently waited 25 minutes under the sun.

When the bus finally arrived, the lady driver peacefully said: "Oh yes I did see you. But you don't look as the type that rides the bus anyway” (Insert more passive aggressive smile here, to the best Bree Van de Kamp style).

So I'm thankful that I had last Sunday to stay quiet at home and prepare for this Odyssey. (I guess this is the part you roll your eyes at my #FirstWorldProblems)

On other random thoughts, one of my best friends signed up to Bumble (a dating app where the girl has to message the guy first) and was telling me all about it. She's been doing pretty good there, and I've heard other really good stories from other friends, so maybe I should give it a try? I could use it as an experiment and report back to you guys here on the blog... thoughts?

Honestly, I'm so lazy with the small talk that comes with first dates that I would much rather just go on The Bachelor, meet my husband there and get it over with (obviously I'm kidding, we've already clarified that it’d involve too much work and I'm not willing to go through it).

No, but seriously, it can get stressful, having people ask you why you're single like you're some freak that just told them that you don't like chocolate.

So, I'll think about it. I'm Googling right now: how to write a cool Bumble bio. And we'll go from there.