3 Links worth sharing

These are stories or pieces of content that you should definitely check out. This week's piece on Venezuela is by far the most relevant of the three, so it deserves the spotlight.

Venezuelans take the streets

This is by far the most important news in my life this week, and I feel it will be for many more to come. Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro's already dictatorial regime decided that he wasn't ruining his legacy on history books enough, so he figured he would fire the opposition-led Congress. This has led protesters to take the streets across the country and demand for:

1) Destitution of judges that signed the ruling about the Congress

2) A date for governmental elections that were supposed to take place last year

3) Opening humanitarian channels to accept international help towards public health crisis

4) The immediate release of all political prisoners.

Read about it here

How to make stress your friend

On a lighter note, at this point of my life, I might as well just accept and embrace the fact than I’m basically married to stress. I guess this TED Talk by Kelly McGonigal is like going to couple’s therapy to try to work on our relationship.

Memories...Do Not Open

I love when albums can work as the soundtrack for someone’s life/therapy session. Of course, nothing compares or comes even close to Ed Sheeran’s musical greatness, but The Chainsmokers’ Memories...Do Not Open is definitely worth listening. Sure, at times it feels like different versions of the same song (“Closer” over and over again), but I’m still digging it. My favorite song? “Something Just Like This”.