Weekly recap: On getting lost and networking V2


If you read Sunday’s post, you know that the past couple of weeks have been… interesting. I don’t know if it’s the situation in Venezuela (and having my family protesting there every day) or just Mercury in retrograde having fun with my brain, but I’m missing my kindergarten days of just worrying about the nap I didn’t feel like taking.

Yesterday I rode the metro for the fifth time since moving here. If you know ANYTHING about Miami’s public transportation is that it’s not a world-class example. On top of that, I’m not great at paying attention, so I didn’t realize that there were two lines (in my defense, it’s a short ride, I don’t see the need of having one line that goes further than the other).

Anyway, I was going up north to Palmetto Station, and was supposed to take the Green Line, but didn’t know the difference and took the Orange Line that only does half the ride and then goes back South.

I, Dora the Explorer, didn’t realize that this was happening until I noticed that my surroundings started to look familiar… like “I remember seeing you 20 minutes ago”. It turns out that I was going BACK, and that I had lost 45 minutes of my life doing the Metrorail loop. So I had to get off the train and change lines until I finally made it to my destination.

Changing gears and on a more positive note... 

Last week I went with my aunt to this Summit where she was a panelist. We got there and the first thing she said was: “Ok, now you have to go network” (at this point I mentally go: haven’t you been reading my blog? I-DO-NOT-LIKE-NETWORKING-EVENTS). So I told her that I didn’t want to miss her speech and that I’d better go find my seat.

When I got to my table, there was a group of really successful women seating next to me. They were talking about difficult life situations that they had gone through, and how they had used those opportunities to help their businesses grow. I love interesting stories about interesting people (actually, one of my favorite Instagram accounts is Humans of New York), so naturally, I was fascinated listening to what they had to say.

However, I kept feeling my aunt staring at me with passive aggressive eyes that were saying “I love you, but go F***ing network!”

So when life throws you lemons… I guess you add some Cointreau and Tequila to make a sick Skinny Margarita, right?

Ok, back to the point. I didn’t know how to network with these people because I didn’t think we had anything in common, but there were three things I knew for sure were: 1) I’m nosy 2) I was interested in their stories 3) I wanted to know more.

So I just kind of interrupted one of them and went: “Hey, I have a blog, I want to give solid advice to my readers on how to deal with unexpected life situations”.

Only two of the ladies seating on the table wanted to answer. Their answers were so simple and easy to apply that I think they can help anyone who’s going through a tough time right now:

"I took an opportunity that I wasn’t expecting to make it into my consulting business and at first, it was very scary, but now four years later I realize that it was a blessing that I never expected. It made me realize that life is about doing what you love and spending time with the people around you and not the paycheck, it’s not about the zeros on a check". 

"How do I face life challenges or unexpected situations in life? I always think of the worst case scenario. If I can handle the worst case scenario into whatever situation I’m in, then I will be ok. I know that I will be ok. I take everything into perspective. I see my options and weight them, and from there I decide which way to go".

So there you have them: do what you love, spend time with people that matter, and know that you can handle more than you think!

I hope this can help you today, I’ll keep you posted about how this works for me and about my Miamian public transportation situation.

See you on Friday!