Yes, I need personal cheerleaders


These past weeks haven't been the easiest ones. You know when little kids are growing up that they get cramps on their legs every night? The same thing happens to babies when they are teething: they won't stop crying for the sake of Christ.

Both things are really, really painful, and even though parents hate to see their children cry, they know that at the end they will be better.

So during these past weeks exactly that has been happening to me emotionally: I'm getting mind cramps and have been freaking out about every little thing, every minute of every day. Like "I only want my mom's chicken soup" kind of freak out.

Bare with me, I promise this post is not a rant. At least not completely.


What has helped me go through this rough time has been 100% my support system. It's my top 5 people that are one step away from blocking my number because I come to them freaking out about something every other day.

They work something like Jackie, Joy's best friend, in Jen Lawrence’s movie: Joy is given her one and only chance to go live on QVC to show her product. So she starts showing the product but gets super nervous and starts doing terribly. She can't explain the product, she's just making a mess. Suddenly her best friend (Jackie) calls in pretending she's a normal person calling from home and starts asking specific questions about the product so Joy can showcase everything that's good about it. Jackie's asking the right questions, Joy relaxes and starts doing amazing. Then tons of calls get in and her product sells really well.

Soooo the way I have been able to go through this time has been exactly like that: with personal cheerleaders that are always rooting for me and make me feel they have my back no matter how close or far they are.

It's great to have real friends that tell you the hard truth even when you don't want to listen. But sometimes you just need someone to tell you: YOU GO GIRL, I TRUST YOU.

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that in times of extreme anxiety like this, it's GREAT to find those cheerleaders around you. Hold on to them, and of course, be there for them too. I mean, identify them and rely on them, but also be a freaking warrior for them.

 I know this is not some groundbreaking idea, but I have learned that when I'm really anxious I tend to push people away. And for me, complete isolation is never positive. I think that since I'm away in a new country I now appreciate those people more than ever. The old and the new. But allowing myself to just rely emotionally on them, has made the path a little bit easier.

I want to hear about you. Do you find that relying on specific people makes going through difficult times easier?

Thanks for reading!