Weekly recap: Just get creative

 Photos by  @missestefymv

Photos by @missestefymv

I thought these weekly recap posts could be a fun way of making myself try a new thing every week. I mean, it was one of my 2017 resolutions after all.

Honestly, you have to get creative when you have a limited budget. Sure, I could take a very photogenic, $2,500 getaway to Tahiti, but a girl can’t afford those luxuries (for now).

So besides making me get out of my comfort zone, these posts can be a way for me to get REALLY creative and explore all the amazing, and many times free, options around.

You know I love acting and every aspect related to it, right? Last week I saw a post by a theater writer and director requesting volunteers to assist him in the production of a Short Film (more on that coming soon).

I thought it was perfect timing, because even though I’d really love to be acting, right now it’s a little complicated to achieve that. That’s why when I saw that I could have the opportunity to be involved in a production, even as a non-paid volunteer, I didn’t hesitate to contact this person.

It was an overnight thing, and A LOT of work, but it let me feeling soooo fulfilled. I think that being creative applies to every aspect of life. Sometimes we don’t get to do or be EXACTLY where we would like to, so that’s when creativity comes in handy.

I currently can’t dedicate myself 100% to acting, which just means that I have to figure out other ways to be involved with it. For me, acting is about the environment, about the feeling, about how you recharge when you share your message with an audience. It’s not just about the actual moment of being in front of an audience or a camera; it’s about the whole process. Really, I could talk about this topic for HOURS.

So I felt extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with people that love this as much (if not more) than I do. Every time I get to participate in any production, I end up learning A LOT from everyone working in it. In general, I love working in spaces that give me the chance to grow and learn. Those moments are the ones that fuel my brain.


Talking about creativity… I’ve already talked about how my photography skills need SERIOUS improvement. Let’s put it this way: I could be in charge of taking those UGLY high school yearbook pictures. Not good. 

Sooo, I wanted to continue practicing so I could get semi-decent looking pictures for last Sunday’s and today’s post. I was planning on going with my friend to this cool cafe to take some nice pictures.

As we were arriving to the cafe, she spotted a beautiful wall in Design District, and literally stopped the car à la Toretto in “The Fast and The Furious”. We spent like an hour or so taking pictures there. Actually, some of them came out pretty cute!

So moral of the week (as cliché as it sounds): think outside the box. If you want to do something or be involved with a cause, get creative and look at different angles to achieve it. Have a great week!