3 Links worth sharing

 Venezuela's picture by @donaldobarros

Venezuela's picture by @donaldobarros

Three stories or pieces of content that you should definitely check out this week. 

I think brands are trying too hard to be “Millennials”: Pepsi Commercial - SNL

Last week, Pepsi rolled out their new commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. The campaign went incredibly wrong and lasted less than Britney Spears’ first marriage. This past weekend, Saturday Night Live did the funniest parody, featuring the question we all asked ourselves: how did anyone think this was a good idea?

More than one way to skin a cat… but why are you skinning the cat?

The Skinny Confidential is my favorite blog ever. I love how Lauryn keeps her posts so real and unapologetically honest. This week’s post about success was written by her husband, Michael, and it 100% resonated with me and with what this blog is about. I’ll just keep saying it over and over again: you have to do YOU, what moves YOU and inspires YOU.

Things are getting worse… or better?

I know that this isn’t a news & politics site, but these people in Venezuela are freaking amazing. They embody what grit is about: resilience, passion and fighting for convictions. We might have a very embarrassing President (who gets eggs thrown at), but the actual people are badass. Right now, a great and easy way to help is through Venmo. Just Venmo $1 or more to @V-For-Venezuela. The money is going to @PrimerosAuxiliosUCV (First Aid Unit from Venezuela’s Central University) and will be used to help victims of police brutality.  

One final thought 

While finishing up this article, I realized that it’s kind of themed around courage. I feel like I should even discuss this “courage” topic further in a future blog post. What do you think?